Weathering The Storms

Storms are amazing, yet frightening phenomenon to experience.  Even a small child tends to understand the power that is behind a thunder storm.  All of your senses pick up on the power of the change that comes about.  Your lungs feel the air get thicker and damp when you breathe.   What once felt like a gentle breeze on your skin turns to gusts that are similar to a bully shoving you around.  The sun is no longer visible as the dark clouds roll in and drown out any light.  At times, the thunder can be deafening.  The loud crashes are haunting as they seem to be coming from all different directions followed by flashes of light that threaten to hurt you.  If you are caught out in the storm you know you will be cold, wet, vulnerable and at the storm’s mercy.  The timeline of a storm is unpredictable.  Some roll in and are over quickly.  Other last for days and cause unimaginable damage.

No matter your age you are humbled by the power of a storm.  Humankind may be a bit better at being able to predict most of them, but they cannot stop them or take away any of its power.   Many times storms are even misread and no warning can be given.  The only thing there is to do it to weather it the best a person can and then deal with the damage.   It’s sad but also wonderful to see the amount of people who volunteer their time, resources and whatever else to helping those who need deal with their recovery.

There is a different kind of storm that is just as powerful, unpredictable and can be devastating but often times it is dealt with alone.  That is how I see depression, it is a storm that is humbling and frightening to experience or watch a loved one go thru.  It can have many similarities at times of a storm.  Depending on the type and the person they may have some warning signs.  Their senses pick up on it rolling in and they can feel the light being drown out, a bully within them shoving them around and the air around them is harder to breath.  Maybe the sounds either inside their head or of what others may be saying are scary maybe deafening and they hurt like being stung.  They are cold, vulnerable and they don’t have a say necessarily in how long it may last.

They might be able to prepare by working with a doctor or therapist.  Maybe they try to push thru it and have someone they can depend on help them out.  Maybe there is no warning sign and they just fall apart.  They are stuck and weather it alone, hoping a rescue crew comes to help or it passes quickly.

I think the saddest part about this is that there are rarely volunteers to come and help them in their recovery.  Most people think that the person caused the storm themselves, as if they have that power or would make that choice.  Even their loved ones don’t see the storm and actually help with some of the damage that comes about without realizing it.  We are all guilty of it because if we can’t see it.  If we can’t feel it or see it then how can it be real?  We question those things and want proof.  This is proof that we can’t get other than the look in their eyes, the damage that is around them and understanding we don’t live in the same head-space (town) so we don’t have the same weather everyone else does.

So as a mother, daughter, wife, woman, basically a person who thinks a lot about this kind of stuff, I ask you to look at those in your life and help them if they seem to be in their own storms.  Don’t minimize it.  Don’t try to control it.  Just help them weather it and recovery from it.


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I'm turning 40 in April 2017... So much seems to have happened and changed. I guess I am feeling I should have it figured out by 40, but does anyone every really have it all figured out?

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