You are well aware of all the scars that I bare

However, you think they are over and belittle them all

It’s seems to be a competition you talk and only want to share

Your pain, your worries are overwhelmingly real and mine are so small


Who are you to judge me

When you won’t even see who I am

You admitted things were done wrong repeatedly

But now it only all of them you will defend


I grew up with this darkness in my head

You saw from a young age this pain in my heart

Way too small to be dreaming and wanting to be dead

Time after time, all those years you watched as I fell apart


But now It’s you who is judging me

Condemning me; telling me I’m so disapproved

One moment you say you love me

The next you want all traces of me removed


You want to forget the past when it might upset you

But it’s held against me to make me feel “shame”

You will say you have all these facts to prove

However, it’s all confusing, other than it’s me you want to blame


So who are all of you to judge me

When you watched me grow and I know all of your sins

How can you say you hate me because you love me

Twisted reasoning and self-righteousness is how you all obtain your wins


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I'm turning 40 in April 2017... So much seems to have happened and changed. I guess I am feeling I should have it figured out by 40, but does anyone every really have it all figured out?

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