Blinded By Yourself

When you look all you see is your own reflection

Others are always in the background and blurry

You cannot fully see others even though you talk to them

All you hear is what is only important to you

What is about you or you say because you love to hear your own voice

You might hear the needs and pain of others but you will not care

Yet you will walk around declaring that you are a righteous person

So Christian that you preach to others about your life

Yet you cannot see those broken around you enough to care about them

Not really in a way to help them

Blame is easier to put upon them for their issues

For they are not following your blind advice

Words you speak without even listening to their plight

The irony is that they are not naïve or ignorant, but it is you who are

They have empathy for others and will help with all they have those who suffer too

Not you, you have no understanding of empathy, only a bit of sympathy

Even sympathy you use in the wrong way as you look down on them

You feel sorry they are not you, not sorry they have pain nor they situation

Is this why you cannot look them in them eyes

Is this why you avoid people by just branding them as bad

Is it easier just to push them all away so you never have to face them

Then there is no chance for you to maybe be challenged or to feel anything

Problems are best dealt with when they cannot be seen or heard

Then again even when they are in front of you they are out of focus anyway

The distance just keeps the noise and the chance of distraction away

Just continue to stare in your mirror and ignore the world

Sleep in your world of your own making


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I'm turning 40 in April 2017... So much seems to have happened and changed. I guess I am feeling I should have it figured out by 40, but does anyone every really have it all figured out?

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